The Rubicon strategy of the Hirtenberger Group is named after the river in Northern Italy that Julius Ceasar crossed in 49 BC to regain dominion in Rome. He commented on the move with his famous quote Alea iacta est – the die is cast. Today the phrase “cross the Rubicon” means taking a challenging, courageous, and irreversible step to reach success in an important matter.

Our Rubicon strategy is our move into a new size category and the league of hidden champions, qualitatively and quantitatively – from good to great! It will lead the way to a successful future for the companies of the Hirtenberger Group. To achieve our ambitions we have to make the right adjustments at the right points, and get the gears moving. At the Group level, during the coming years we will work on the further development of five strategic cornerstones that will help us enter a new era, qualitatively and quantitatively.

From good to great.