Safety is a very important matter at the Hirtenberger Group. Safety and health protection have top priority and come before economic considerations. Safety includes the quality of our products and processes, and the safety of our surroundings. Our safety philosophy is deeply rooted in our convictions and actions – the source of our high safety standards.

The rigorous application of all safety regulations, whether national, local or in-house, is essential in the industries our Group works in. Laws, regulations and ordinances go far to increase work safety and minimize accident risk. But it is not enough to rely on them, or on prior experience for that matter. The safety of our systems, processes and procedures also requires ongoing systematic evaluation of hazards and constant adaptation and revision of our safety effort. We carefully weigh the risks and opportunities of new discoveries and technologies in dialogue with scientists and society before taking them into use.

All employees are responsible for safety at the Hirtenberger Group, and we are committed to the comprehensive protection of all employees, customers, suppliers and neighbours to our locations.

We protect employee safety and health through appropriate work organization and training. Seminars and instructions make sure everyone is on the same page. We see to it that our products are not only safe in production, but also in use.

From our vendors, as a minimum we expect compliance with all laws and regulations for personal and environmental protection.



“The prevention and control of health and environmental hazards are a key part our thinking and action.”

Franz Kain,
Head of Facility Management und
Chief Safety Officer 
Hirtenberger AG