Our history started in 1860, when German immigrant Serafin Keller founded a small metal processing shop.

The first change of ownership was in 1887, when Ludwig Mandl purchased shares in the company. In 1904 the last member of the founder’s family, Anton Keller, sold his shares to the Mandl family.

The “Mandl era” lasted until 1981, where the company experienced ups and downs. During this period the focus was on small caliber ammunition.

In 1993 the Hirtenberger Group began to diversify its product range, now also covering the civil sector and laying the foundation for today’s subsidiaries Hirtenberger Präzisionstechnik and Hirtenberger Automotive Safety.

In 1996 the “Schuster era” began and is still ongoing. Entrepreneurial family Schuster acquired the company, which was at that time insolvent, and continued the expansion of the Hirtenberger product portfolio.

Hirtenberger Automotive Safety is a partner of the international automotive industry and other industry sectors for individual and innovative pyrotechnic solutions. Thanks to its long-standing experience and innovative products, Hirtenberger Automotive Safety contributes to saving human lives every day.

Hirtenberger Präzisionstechnik, the second subsidiary at the Hirtenberg location, is a specialist in non-cutting metal processing and produces customized precision components. The product portfolio ranges from simple stamped components, complex stamped and bent components, formed components, plastic-moulded stamped components through to complete assemblies.

In 2009 the Hirtenberger Group acquired and integrated the Schaffler company, active in the development and manufacturing of detonators for electronic igniters and components for the explosives technology.

The leading environmental technology manufacturer Komptech, with it’s headquarter in Frohnleiten, was acquired by the Hirtenberger Group in 2015. With the acquisition of the Komptech group, Hirtenberger expanded it’s portfolio to include environmental technology. Komptech is a leading international technology supplier of machines and systems for the mechanical and mechanical-biological treatment of solid waste and for the treatment of biomass as a renewable energy source.

In 2019 the Hirtenberger Group was expanded through the acquisition of the Czech company PATVAG. PATVAG has been producing high quality and reliable airbag initiators and passenger protection systems since 1993. The strong market position of Hirtenberger Automotive Safety as an expert in civil pyrotechnics applications was thus further strengthened through the acquisition of PATVAG.

With his nomination as CEO of the company, in April 2018 Markus Haidenbauer started a reorganization process that will have far-reaching and lasting effects for the future of the Hirtenberger Group. The ammunition production, originally the basis of the Hirtenberger Group, was sold in 2019. The company is now focusing on the two divisions, pyrotechnics and environmental technology. Manfred Pock is CEO of the Pyrotechnics Division.