Our history started in 1860, when German immigrant Serafin Keller founded a small metalworking shop. Soon he began making metal cartridges, laying the groundwork for what would become the Hirtenberger Cartridge Factory. 

The first change of ownership was in 1887,  when Ludwig Mandl purchased shares in the company. The company name was changed to “Hirtenberger Patronen-, Zündhütchen- und Metallwarenfabrik Keller & Comp.” (cartridge, primer and metal product factory). In 1904 the last member of the founder’s family, Anton Keller, sold his shares to the Mandl family.

The “Mandl era” lasted through the First World War and until 1981, except for the period of the Second World War. The company saw ups and downs. During this period the focus was on ammunition, especially small arms ammunition.

In 1993 what was now Hirtenberger AG began to diversify into civilian markets, laying the foundation for today’s subsidiaries Hirtenberger Präzisionstechnik and Hirtenberger Automotive Safety.

In 1996 the “Schuster era” began, which still continues. Entrepreneur Dr. Helmut Schuster acquired the company, which was at that time insolvent, and continued the expansion of the Hirtenberger product portfolio.

In 2009 the Hirtenberger Group acquired the Schaffler company, a maker of detonators. Other business areas followed. Hirtenberger Filter Services was founded in 2013. In 2015, leading Austro-German environmental technology company Komptech was acquired.

CEO of the company is Mag. Markus Haidenbauer.