Our business environment is changing rapidly and the intensity of the competition ratchets up unceasingly. All of the companies in the Hirtenberger Group are always working on improving their performance. But we cannot lose sight of our values and principles – they are our compass, our roadmap for future success.

As a globally active, sustainability-minded, family-owned corporation, the Hirtenberger Group obeys national and international laws, including those that seek to combat corruption, promote fair competition and protect human rights.

In everything we do, we keep ethical, ecological and social interests in view.

We set clear ethical standards.     


We live from the trust that our partners, staff, and the public place in our performance and integrity. All of us, regardless of where our workplace may be, contribute to Hirtenberger’s image through our actions and behaviour. So we all have a special responsibility to the public, our partners and our colleagues. The inappropriate behaviour of even just one employee can cause great damage to the Hirtenberger Group.

The goal of our Code of Conduct is to prevent situations from arising that would call into question the integrity of our actions and thus the reputation of the Hirtenberger Group. In interpreting the rules of the Code of Conduct, employees are expected to look beyond the rules to also use common sense and to question whether a specific action can give rise to criticism from the point of view of reasonable ethical standards. 



We treat the content of the UN Charter, the European Convention on Human Rights and Basic Freedoms, and local laws as universal principles for interactions in-house and with other companies. Our employees accept and respect these principles, and follow them.

Each person is unique and valuable. We appreciate and promote the individual talents and abilities of our staff. Our self-image and convictions require us to respect the dignity and personality of each employee. Discrimination, harassment and oppression of any kind are not tolerated. We do not permit the use of force at the workplace, whether by or against employees.

The Hirtenberger Group employs women and men of different age groups with heterogeneous opinions and convictions from diverse cultural, political and religious backgrounds, with different sexual orientations and many skillsets and abilities. The promotion of diversity is a strategic issue for us, and therefore covers all areas of our business.

We see the uniqueness and diversity of each person as an enrichment.



We enter into business relationships based on objective criteria only. We accept no gifts or contributions made with the intention of gaining unfair advantage. Transparency is the best way to prevent corruption, and vendor relationships should be established only with corporations and individual companies (no private individuals without commercial license). These potential vendors should be examined thoroughly, and the reason for their selection documented.

Payments may be made only to accounts in the respective contractual party’s name, in the country in which it operates (except for certain justified exceptions such as central billing by multinational corporations). Payments cannot be in cash, except in cases where cash is customary such as restaurants, taxis etc., and in normal amounts. Gifts, events and meals involving small sums are permitted as long as they do not call into question the independent nature of business decisions.

We strictly reject all forms of corruption, bribery or favouritism.



Infractions of free competition and antitrust laws, and unfair business practices, are not compatible with the policies of the Hirtenberger Group and our high ethical standards. Transparency and fair competition ensure the long-term favourable development of our company group and the market.

Accordingly, employees and suppliers of the Hirtenberger Group refrain from practices of any kind that would restrict or distort free competition.

Fair play is a basic principle of our conduct.